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2020 "Miss America"

A few days ago, the 2020 "Miss America" beauty pageant ended, and Camille Schrier who was 24 years old, won the championship. It is worth mentioning that Schiller is a PhD student in pharmacy, and her talent display link is very "hardcore".

Without a swimsuit, nor singing or dancing, Miss America moved a chemistry lab to the final scene.

Camille Schrier, dressed in a white lab coat, showed the judges how the hydrogen peroxide catalyzed the decomposition process and surprised the audience.

The "catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide" experiment, also often referred to as "elephant toothpaste", is one of the ten most surprising videos of chemical experiments published by Wired magazine in 2009 One.

In simple terms, when hydrogen peroxide is mixed with potassium iodide (or other catalysts) and foaming agents, it will accelerate the decomposition rate of hydrogen peroxide. The oxygen released by the reaction will be washed out of the container very quickly, and then wrapped by soapy water to generate a large number of bubbles and gather Become foam gushing like a volcanic eruption.

Camille Schrier added pigments to the solution beforehand to create colorful foams that looked interesting and spectacular. Because it is one of the safest and most interesting chemistry experiments, many domestic schools also have demonstrations in chemistry classes ~

In the end, Camille Schrier impressed the judges with a unique talent show, also defeated the other 50 beauties, became the "Miss America" in 2020, and won a prize of $ 50,000 (about RMB 350,000). In an interview, she said she would work to promote drug safety and prevent drug abuse.

Camille Schrier has dreamed of participating in beauty pageants since he was a child, becoming the lucky girl with a crown and glory. When she was in high school, she wrote this idea directly on her school's website profile.But as stated in the ins, she can neither sing or dance, she has no talent to perform on the beauty pageant, and only conducts experiments ...... with the encouragement of her mother, she finally decided to move the scientific experiments On the beauty pageant.

That's why she came up with this hardcore method to showcase talent ...

Camille Schrier said that she acknowledged that her performance was unconventional and was "taking a risk", but the reason why she chose the "catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide" in countless experiments was actually thoughtful:

"The talent show is indoors, and there are many audiences. You must ensure safety first, not to catch fire or explode. Secondly, in order for the audience sitting in the last row to see my presentation, I also need it to be a bit visual Effect. Finally, because it is safe, non-toxic, and don`t worry about children imitating ... So, you have what you see. "

Because of this wonderful talent show, Camille also played drums in her heart. Before the final, she also sent such a paragraph on the ins to cheer herself up:

Confidence is not 'they will like me',

Confidence is' I 'll be fine if they don't'.

It turns out that "confidence to be a hardcore self" can still win the beauty pageant ~

Scientists lead sexy new trends

As the first contestant to pass the "Science" review in the history, and finally won the "Miss America" crown on behalf of Virginia, Camille is also confirming the trajectory of beauty pageants. The beauty pageant that once only looked at measurements and faces has passed formula,Today, hardcore hegemony can also become a beauty pageant.

Camille Schrier received a degree in biochemistry and systems biology at the age of 23 and graduated with honors from Virginia Tech. Immediately after, Camille Schrier entered the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Pharmacy for a PhD in Pharmacy.

After winning the beauty pageant, she also hopes to lead by example and encourage more elementary, junior and high school students to develop a stronger interest in the STEM field (Science Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

"I want every little girl to see that the princess does not always wear a beautiful dress, and sometimes she also wears a lab coat."

She also said that in the future she will also work to disseminate knowledge of drug safety to the public and promote the reduction of drug abuse.

"I'm not just a person wearing a crown. I have my mission to promote safe medication to more people and make everyone more responsible for their bodies."

She hopes that doctors will use the addictive opioids cautiously in the clinic. "Every day, 130 Americans die from opioid overdose; every 8 minutes, parents will give their children the wrong medication ... a lot At times, tragedy can be avoided. "

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